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Linksys MR 8300 - How to Set Up DNS Filters

1)  Download the Linksys app.
Search your app store for the "Linksys" app.  Here are instructions for logging in to the Android or iOS version of the "Linksys" app.


2)  Follow these instructions to adjust your DNS.
a)  Switch from "Auto" to "Manual". 
b)  For DNS 1, enter the first IP address you see under "Standard DNS Servers" on your "Settings" page.  Copy/paste the second IP address for DNS 2.  Choose either address to copy/paste for DNS 3.
(NOTE:  Your "Standard DNS Servers" may be different than the ones pictured below!  Use those listed on YOUR "Settings" page.)


3)  Switch IPv6 to "Passthrough" Mode.  (This ensures that your router won't try to send DNS requests to an outside DNS server, circumventing our filters.)
Here is what the process looks like in the iOS app - it may appear slightly different in the Android app.

a)  Tap the "Menu" button.

b) Tap "Advanced Settings"

c)  Tap IPv6

d)  Select "Passthrough".  Tap the Back Arrow.  Tap "Save" on the previous screen.


4)  IMPORTANT LAST STEP:  Linksys Parental Controls
Ensure that you have turned Parental Controls in the "Linksys" app OFF.  They will conflict with our filters since they will attempt to send DNS requests to outside servers.

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