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Spectrum - How to Set Up DNS Filters

  1. Download the "My Spectrum" app from the App Store or Google Play store.

  2. Log into the app while connected to your Wi-Fi.  Tap "Services" on the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.  Then tap "Router".

  3. Next, you'll see a screen showing your Router.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Advanced Settings".

  4. Tap "DNS Server"

  5. Tap "Manage DNS"

  6. Copy the "Standard DNS Servers" from your "Settings Page" and paste into "Primary DNS Server" and "Secondary DNS Server".  It doesn't matter which one you put in as Primary or Secondary.  Tap "Save".

    IMPORTANT:  Your "Standard DNS Servers" may be DIFFERENT than the ones pictured here!

  7. IMPORTANT:  You need to restart your router for the changes to take effect.  Go to "Advanced Settings" and tap "Restart Router".

  8. After your router has re-booted, verify that the filters are working by attempting to visit some sites on the abortion list.


2)  Follow these instructions to adjust your DNS.
a)  Switch from "Auto" to "Manual". 
b)  For DNS 1, enter the first IP address you see under "Standard DNS Servers" on your "Settings" page.  Copy/paste the second IP address for DNS 2.  Choose either address to copy/paste for DNS 3.
(NOTE:  Your "Standard DNS Servers" may be different than the ones pictured below!  Use those listed on YOUR "Settings" page.)


3)  Switch IPv6 to "Passthrough" Mode.  (This ensures that your router won't try to send DNS requests to an outside DNS server, circumventing our filters.)
Here is what the process looks like in the iOS app - it may appear slightly different in the Android app.

a)  Tap the "Menu" button.

b) Tap "Advanced Settings"

c)  Tap IPv6

d)  Select "Passthrough".  Tap the Back Arrow.  Tap "Save" on the previous screen.



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