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How to Earn Commissions by Referring New Users to FreeFiltering

In this video, I explain the basics of how our Evangelist Program rewards you for making referrals:

We really do not want to send money to Big-Tech companies to advertise.  Why?  Because they are notorious for being antagonistic to Christian values.  FreeFiltering has already been denied the ability to advertise on at least 3 major advertising platforms.  If you want to advertise the killing of the unborn?  No problem!  (Just try doing a search for "abortion (your city)" and you'll see lots of "sponsored" listings from abortion-sellers.  That means the search engine is reaping BIG profits each time someone clicks the sponsored link!)  You can understand why we'd prefer not to spend money advertising with them!

We'd much rather send you rewards for referring us to your family, friends, & church-members.

There are two ways to earn rewards:
1)  You earn an up-front payment for each person you refer who sets up a FREE account on the site.

2)  If one of your referrals upgrades to a paid membership, you'll earn ongoing, residual commissions for as long at they remain a customer.

Want to see how much you can get paid?  View our Compensation Plan.

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